We got you covered.

Armed Forces Mobile partnered up with
the nation’s most reliable network. We
wanted to ensure our customers have the
best coverage. Want to check? Use our nifty
coverage checker by inputting your zip code
below. That way we can make sure you
have excellent coverage and
4G LTE data speeds

No strings attached.

We don’t believe in contracts, and most
likely neither do you. Pause your service,
upgrade or downgrade whenever
you want. With our uncapped, unlimited
data/call/text plan for $39.99/mo
we know we don’t need to use tricky
marketing ploys to get you to fall for us.

Finally. It’s simply, truly unlimited data, calls & text
for only 39.99 per month.

How do we compare with our competitors?

No shady sales tactics or marketing tricks. Just Numbers.


When you compare apples to apples, here’s where we stand with our competition.

  • First, input the number of lines you'll need:
  • Second, input your monthly bill:
  • Third, pick the plan that works best for you:




*With those kinds of savings, you can treat yourself to some bubbly at that new trendy restaurant in town.

*With those kinds of savings, you can finally get yourself those festival tickets guilt free.

*With those kinds of savings, you can finally take that vacation to Bali. Time to get some sunshine!


To get started, pick the plan that works best for you.
After, we’ll have a quick compatibility check.
Once we confirm we’re a good fit,
just follow the check out process to confirm your order.

We’ll send your SIM card out in a jiffy.

We believe in making our customers life as easy
as possible. That’s why we offer free 2-3 business
day shipping for all our customers.

Make sure to finish two simple questions on your
customer dashboard to smoothen the process.

Once you get your SIM card in the mail all you have to do is use the nifty remover tool (included in packaging) to pop out your current SIM card.

Turn off your phone. Then, just take our SIM and insert it into your phone.
Once your SIM is inserted, restart your phone.

Voila! Your phone is active & ready to use.

Easy as pie, right?

“Great service, very satisfied …
I definitely recommend AFMobile”

– Google Reviews

Check out AFM’s Charity
Initiative page to find out
how you can help.